For virtually all of human history, our ancestors have lived in shelter fashioned from natural, locally available materials.

Earthen construction techniques have been in continuous use in nearly every part of the world for over 9000 years. Even today, over one third of humanity lives in buildings constructed of earth.

The development of lime technology, first recorded in Turkey around 4000 bc afforded ancient craftsmen an extremely versatile, durable and eventually highly artistic building material that has been utilized by nearly every culture. From the engineering marvels of the Greeks, the Romans and the Mayans to the fresco murals of the Italian renaissance, lime is a key component in much of the worlds most admired works of ancient art and architecture.

All around the world, many of the most long lasting and aesthetically admired buildings have been constructed using these two simple yet very versatile materials. Using closely guarded techniques and methods, the ancient craftsmen refined their art over hundreds and thousands of years, faithfully passing on their knowledge from father to son, from master to apprentice. An unbroken lineage that can be traced throughout the history of every human culture. Because of their universal availability and long history, earth and lime have been utilized in an unbelievable variety of unique vernacular construction styles.

Unfortunately, with the invention of modern building materials, and automated construction methods, the use of earth and lime, is on the decline. In North America, modern examples of earth and lime building are few indeed. Earth and lime technologies are becoming extinct because they generally require more labor and specialized preparation and utilization. With the constant push toward cost cutting and labor saving, there are few modern builders left with the interest or patience to learn about the forgotten potential of traditional materials and techniques.

At Artesano, this has become our singular passion. To continue in the tradition. To promote and realize works of art that you can live in. To create timeless, one of a kind creations that are modern manifestations of the ancient crafts.

Building using these techniques is not only historically and aesthetically rewarding but good for the environment and the health of the occupants as well. Earth and lime are locally available materials and use relatively little energy input for manufacture and transportation. We have a commitment to using only natural earth based pigments, and plant based sealers. At times this commitment can present a challenge in the world of available modern materials, but we find it well worth the effort.