Over the past few  years, we have seen a steady increase in the amount of

strawbale owner/builders who are interested in being directly involved in the

plastering process of their own homes.   For some, hiring a professional plaster

crew can prove to be prohibitively expensive, others just want to dig in and get

their hands dirty working on their own house.   The plastering process is

arguably the most expressive, artistic part of constructing a strawbale

It can also be the most challenging. 

 We have been fortunate to be a part of several community plastering efforts over

the past couple of years that have been surprisingly successful.   It is great to

see a wide variety of motivated friends, family and curious strangers come

together and get the job done.


We believe that the best way to plaster a strawbale house is with a well

formulated earth plaster system, applied by hand, with an exterior  lime finish coat for weather resistance.

In our experience, the actual application of the plaster requires very little skill

and can be done by almost anyone. The bulk of the job is mostly mixing and

moving lots of heavy materials, which can be expedited by the proper use of

mortar mixers, scaffolding, wheel barrows, pulleys and of course people power.

The main thing most owner/builders are missing  that prevents them from

confidently embarking on their own earth plaster project is a lack of experience

with obtaining the proper materials, creating the mixes and the application


In an effort to make earth plaster systems possible for a wide variety of  do it

your self clients, we have developed a formula that uses  pre-screened, site

deliverable materials.  These can be mixed in different combinations to achieve
standardized, remarkably durable plasters.  This takes all of the guess work out
of evaluating site selected materials,and eliminates the huge task of screening

tons and tons of material.

As a plaster consultant, we can help you design the proper plaster

formulations using materials that are available within your region, This

includes, working with your local sand and gravel suppliers,   obtaining

material samples, testing them and creating a durable, workable plaster


We have created a  thorough  set of instructions that will guide you  through every
step of your plastering process. These instructions will  be available as

downloads from our website, or can be sent as hard copies for the computer

challenged. Also, we can  help you find all of the tools and equipment  you will need to do the job safely and efficiently.

Please CONTACT US for more detailed information.